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Fontal state city achieves box to include clothing limited company greatly
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Fontal state city achieves box to wrap clothing limited company to found greatly at channel on the west bank famous city, city of spring of Fujian of —— of countryside of countrywide famous live abroad, give priority to business Wu in order to design product of manufacturing package bag, basically produce product of series of sports, outdoors motile. The company has abundant economic actual strength and technical power, the manufacturing team with the facility of world top-ranking product line that owns one a complete set of and experienced production and excellent level of management, own standard factory building 15000 square metre, employee 600 polynomial enterprise. Since the company holds water oneself, act on “ quality the first, credit the first, the client is consummate the tenet of ” , with spy of “ energy industry, deal with concrete matters relating to work sincere letter, breakthrough innovates, cast brand ” to be spirit of enterprise, devote oneself to dimensions to change, seriation production system and brand change those who manage mode to build, use new technology, new standard, new technology actively, improve quality level of management hard, include bag of product first-rate to make and hold to all the way. All the time since, the company is going after brand of perfect individual character from beginning to end, hold to product development and the principle with international synchronous vogue. It is a center with the client, it is with the market oriented, correct sale is politic, fine sale team, the company had built to perfect, highly competitive sale network. Nowadays company passed environment of ISO9001 certificate of quality, ISO14001 to manage health of profession of attestation, GB/T28001 to safety runs attestation system and realize brand image to popularize politic adjustment, take “ tone at the same time the tenet of the first ” , deployed the physical testing instrument of material, build a complete check mark to allow, guard a pass strictly to each working procedure, carry out “ in the round the quality management pattern of 3 check ” , perfected the antenatal, management system that produces an organic whole of medium, postpartum combination. This makes limited company of clothing of the big package that start case had powerful vitality and operation energy in the market, the product has exported global each district, gained the praise highly of the user and favour. The company is in the vigor one's style of work as well as one's moral quality that maintains a brand while, develop innovation ceaselessly, arrive from “ brand ” to come true of ” of “ famous brand leap and indefatigable effort. Base oneself upon now, look into future, the big package that start case will offer high quality, vogue, classical package as always for the masses, creat the charm that gives contemporary urbanite, self-confidence and easy, exalted fashionable style. We believe to be in before long the big in the future package that start case will make China and even group of world bag bag the bright phearl with dazzling Can of a Cui. Come for years, the company acts on “ to seek progress with quality, seek to live on with credit the concept that retains ” , face domestic and international client, it is ultimate goal in order to offer high grade product, hold to all the way.

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