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Skin of group of monkey of gold of power sea city has limited company
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Skin of group of monkey of gold of power sea city has limited company is group of monkey of gold of power sea city the controls share company of finite liability company, it is market production, management, sale, service have a company at the has integrated competition actual strength professional skin of an organic whole
Golden monkey skin provides the day that is born oneself to rise, the spirit that holds to “ to break through innovation ” namely and: It is the management concept of this “ with the person, insist to use a skin to provide production field ceaselessly newest science and technology, elite of wide accept industry, make golden monkey skin has the distinctive color with ” of vogue of “ exalted ” , “ elegant ” , “ , lead fashionable style design, outstanding and preeminent product quality, attain the after service with perfect be apt to, make the famous brand that global consumer agrees with extensively.
Golden monkey provides dominant product to have quite women's bag of knapsack, hand, men's ten kinds of big products such as package of portfolio, gripesack, portable computer, student bag, Qian Ga, chatelaine. Each production technology and working procedure flow pass elaborate design. By right of metrical ” of a “ female bag obtained countrywide “ derma to indicate cup ” provides design contest first prize quite 2001, wrapped ” with obtaining “ to be being installed repeatedly 2002 kind with knapsack kind two first prize. ” of cup of “ derma mark provided box of journey of design contest “ to wrap ” quite 2003 kind first prize and “ men and women are installing packet of ” kind second-class award. With “ ” of faddish the world obtained box to include kind of first prize 2004, ” of strange Ba of “ different region is installing a bag to win outstanding award of ” of cup of “ derma mark. Be in repeatedly be judged to be product of ” of “ Shandong famous brand and “ Shandong to save famous label ” . “ China derma indicated cup leather designs contest ” to acquire second-class award product 2005; The company had the honor to win the “2006 China box that Chinese leather association promulgates to wrap 12 strong ” again 2006 is the enterprise ” that Chinese north obtains this special honour exclusively. Manage attestation of system and system of standard of ISO14001 environment administration smoothly on August 8, 2006 through ISO9001 quality. Pi Jurong of leather of set of card of ” of “ gold monkey breasted “ country dismisses title of check product ” 2006.
As the swift and violent development of economy of new century market, golden monkey skin has the pace of times of company follow closely, go in the foremost end that economy grows. The company invests 150 million yuan, build floor area the skin of 80 thousand square metre provides manufacturing base. This is home at present the skin with the greatest highest class implements scale exit treatment base appears already put into production is used, the skin provides year of productivity to will raise 6 million by 1 million of in the past. The company is average a box includes every two days of research and development new product.
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