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Eaves of Zhongshan city sea (fort horse) the skin has limited company
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Our company are the total representative that the chinese mainland skin with Italian famous only brand has lawful production and sale. In October 2002, accredit of; of limited company of cosmopolitan dress of city of Zhongshan of “ of total representative of area of China of classics fort horse establishs house of Zhongshan city sea (fort horse) the skin provides limited company to provide lawful production and sale to always act as agent for chinese mainland skin, the skin that develops China formally has the market. Eaves of Zhongshan city sea (fort horse) the skin provides limited company follower to Guangzhou city Ou Wei skin has products plant, it is the omnibus enterprise that development of a market, design, production, sale is an organic whole. The skin provides the product that will develop the following set: Skin of travel bag of box of bag of vanity of outfit of purse of male and female, leather belt, men and women, computer, pull rod, jotter, business affairs provides a gift box suit, come to a company insist to be with the person from beginning to end for years this, character runs policy consummately, it is with market demand oriented, face domestic broad consumer, its design vogue, technology excellent, character is excellent, get of consumer love.

Management property: Type of production
Industry classification: Archives (box wraps bag of) , computer (box wraps bag of) , female bag (bag) , portable (box wraps bag of) , purse (bag clip)
Scope of operations: Box bag, the skin is provided, vanity

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