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Brand story: Luyiweideng
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Well-known extravagant trademark (Louis Vuitton) . Louie·Power ascend found 1854, show be subordinate to to belong to France to produce the group of Moet Hennessy LouisVuitton of advanced and expensive things only. Father way is easy·Power baggage is cleared away when go on a journey of distinguished personages noble is when the first profession that enter. He witnessed the invention of vapour train, also witnessed the development that steamboat carries, experience deeply also at the same time receive the difficulty that folds a vaulted leather case at that time.

Then, louie·Power ascended revolutionary ground to contrive box of flat-roofed fur clothing, opened the first store in Paris. Resemble same today, his design is borroweded very quickly, flat-roofed and quadrate suitcase makes trend. Louie·Power the leather case that enter is with gray canvas sets a range first most, 1896, louie·Power the son George that ascend uses the logogram L in father full name and V to cooperate flower design, the design goes out to still make a name today international intertexture the letter imprints on thick canvas (Monogram Canvas) style.

When the the First World War, louie·Power ascend to get used to the demand at that time, instead makes leather case of for military use can folding litter. Afterwar, he box of the absorption journey that make, obtain the show appreciation for sb of many celebrity, order is continuous. To Louie·Power the grandchildren home Si Teng that ascend (Gaston) times, the product already was pushed to luxurious summit summit, contrive give a case of a special utility, some stock deserve to go up of hawksbill turtle and ivory comb brush reach a mirror, some compose the crystal scent-bottle with pure silver. Louie·Power ascend a company to still can answer the requirement of individual shopper, spend a body to order for them make sundry product.

Full a century went, imprint “LV” indicates the intertexture of this one unique design alphabetical canvas bag, accompanying rich legend color and Athens what design and become fashion is classical. Come 100 years, the world experienced a lot of change, the pursuit of people and aesthetic idea also subsequently and change, but Louie·Power ascend not only reputation is outstanding, holding unapproachable fascination now.

Perhaps be the stylist that this kind of glamour attracted countless worlds center. Interweave to celebrate alphabetical mark is born 100 years, louie·Power the president emperor that ascend·Ka Sili (Yves Carcelle) the consideration through 3 years, the decision invites 7 illustrious and famous halfback stylist to design interweave the box that the letter indicates surrounds new design. 7 be stylist is: Azedina·A Laiya (Azzedine Alaia) , Mo Luo·Bailanike (Manolo Blahnik) , Luomiou·Auspicious (Romeo Gigli) , Heermute·Bright (Helmut Lang) , Yisake·Micilaxi (Lsaac Mizrahi) , Xibila (Sybilla) with Weiweian·Wister Wood (Vivienne Westwood) .
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