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Decode: Some of what woman is what the bag that buy LV wraps?
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And do not say true and false, does the woman that the bag that buy LV includes have grade certainly? It is certain to carry what LV bag wraps on the back to go into the street vogue? LV may be very classical, but the person that it needs to know it will use ……

Consumption is the thing that everybody may have each days. Because wear of sexual age different, consumptive object, purpose, state of mind also is met disparate. Go in road of sea route of Shanghai's flourishing the Huaihe River, Nanjing, you can find the famous brand that you consider much to rise. Young white-collars more happy with consuming luxury to be. Had you bought luxury? What kind of mood are you taking to undertake consumptive? Is secret?

Buy luxury, still buy vanity

Investigation is right as female as Wang Xiaoyun manager of 27 years old of customer service

About half before New Year, wang Xiaoyun is promoted to be a company to be in charge of the manager of customer service by the boss, later before long, she acquired for oneself bag of a LV.

Wang Xiaoyun says, oneself are consumed at ordinary times very rational, goods always is used to to compare 3 before shopping. Won't run into bazaar actuationly because of the businessman's sales promotion in that way like a lot of females wantonly scare buying. And buy this LV package, she is done as much sufficient homework. Every woman has LV plot

“ wants to buy LV actually already very long, but cannot leave a hand all the time, feel very expensive. In fact, the concept of ‘ expensive ' is very vague, because I had not seen the value seriously. One day the government-owned net of the LV on me studied carefully one time, that package price that him discovery likes is not so fearsome, the income with my month is about the same. Then, begin to make the preparation before buying. ”

Preparative work of Wang Xiaoyun includes to understand LV to be in the price of Hong Kong and inland, still pass network, Xiang Pengyou to consult, get about how to differentiate the data of LV of true and false. After be being compared through, she decides, please the friend is helping her era is bought. That bag that she wants is in RMB of price amount to more than 4000 yuan, want nearly 1000 yuan to compare chinese mainland petty gain.

“ somebody may feel I wrap such drag in many people to do sth for very undeserved. A goods, exceeding A goods full ave is, spend so much money to still hold region of friend from a great distance in the palm why. ” is right this, king clouds cloud very hold to a bit, that is determined need not pilfer edition! “ has the dream that one LV is a lot of young girls, I am same also. But if be canned not afford by oneself force, that I need not. ” does not pass, besides the element that oneself like, it is very important also to still have a factor, that is a lot of girlfriends had had the LV that belongs to her, how does “ say I also should have? Woman after all has vanity. ”
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