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GUCCI is immersed in in peace " label door " partial portfolio is buckled by ind
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Afterwards “LV” portfolio lacks ” of “ standard specimen to be saved by Zhejiang after door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is investigated, gu Chi of another international brand (GUCCI) also was immersed in ” of “ label door in Nanjing. Sampling observation showed Nanjing city industrial and commercial bureau recently, because Gu Chi portfolio lacks ” of “ standard specimen to be decided to be unqualified. Current, branch bureau of trade of white come off work already of short duration buckled 22, mark is worth 240 thousand Gu Chi portfolio of Yu Yuan.

Remove billows:

” of leakage of “ of Gu Chi Nanjing hangs ” of “ standard specimen

This year in April, zhejiang saves sampling observation of door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to show, luyiweideng (China) the 3 “LV” portfolio that inn of Hangzhou of commercial sale limited company sells did not deserve to go up the ” of “ standard specimen of ” of “ indication identity, be maintained to be unqualified. On June 18, zhejiang saves door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to decide to punish do not have “ Lu Yiwei to ascend ”76 more than 10000 yuan. “ Lu Yiwei ascends ” to make a statement, say to accept punishment, make effort all products of chinese mainland accord with occupation standard.

Yesterday, the reporter learns from door of town The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, gu Chi also is immersed in ” of “ label door in Nanjing.

According to introducing, before paragraph time, city industrial and commercial bureau issues substation to execute the law in vain personnel comes to Oriental store, sampling observation portfolio of two Gu Chi, discover two portfolio did not deploy ” of “ standard specimen. The basis carries handbag occupation standard on the back, portfolio sending check is decided to be unqualified.

Portfolio of “ Gu Chi indicates in bag mount, occupation standard of executive back handbag, can not ask to deploy ' of ‘ standard specimen according to the standard. And " product quality standard " regulation, the product that generator produces must be accorded with bright shown product level, form namely otherwise break the law. ” says about the personage.

Execute the law personnel returns discovery, gu Chi and Oriental store signed couplet of affiliation of a shop to sell contract book. “ basis the country is industrial and commercial the relevant provision of total bureau, couplet sells the affiliation the unit must handle business license. From the examination the circumstance looks, shop of store of Gu Chi east still is suspected of notting have according to manage. ”

Open to question:

Is ” of that “ skin dispensable?

Gu Chi company makes response quickly, took two step. One of, to detecting result demur, ask to undertake reinspecting to two portfolio; Secondly, showed industry of leather of a whole nation to standardize technical committee to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (leather of “ of the following abbreviation appoint ” ) reply. “ leather appoint ” explains in the reply, ” of “ standard specimen and the quality that carry a handbag on the back do not have direct connection, be a product is accessary article, do not affect the use of the product, occupation standard did not ask all back handbags must accessary standard specimen, whether accessary standard specimen is decided by him enterprise.
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