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"Can touch " COACH: Do the luxury business of small gesture
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Can not afford LV, still have Coach. This United States' largest portfolio and deserve to act the role of a brand to use “ to be able to touch the height of ” scored huge success in American mainland and Japan, next, it thinks in China continuance succeeds this kind.

Lu·Frankfurt (Lew Frankfort) stair steps down below the focusing of countless eye, he stands it is in the center of step, expressing to thank to everybody with excited dialect, grave sound is taken slightly asp.

The distinguished personages of vogue and business circles was swarmed inside the shop of near 900 square metre, still have bright Coach portfolio of course.

Frankfurt is Coach (cardamom seed is strange) true “coach (coach) ” , 3 years he ascends the United States continuously because of the outstanding achievement with breathtaking Coach recently " Ba Lunzhou print " (BARRON'S) chosen whole world pop chart of 30 optimal CEO, be the same as a row with the person such as Moduoke, Buffett and Qiaobusi, also did not go up less of course American finance and economics kind with vogue kind the cover of the magazine.

On May 30, the first portfolio of this American that makes place appear on the market in button and deserve to act the role of a brand (code: COH) the flagship store that is in Hong Kong is formal practice, inn location seat is the start of Lan Guifang of mark of Hong Kong fashionable ground, and here also will be his start to more broad inland market. At present Coach is in chinese mainland and area of HongKong and Macow to respectively 15 mix 8 retail dot, and be divided by its all the time sell trade representative, begin from store of Hong Kong flagship, coach announces to buy minute of business that sell business to rescript Chinese outstanding achievement.

Coach is the miracle of wall street, it once was an old brand that confronts the crisis, 2001 Cong Shali group (Sara Lee) after complete independence, sale rises to 2.6 billion dollar from 500 million dollar, growth exceeds 4 times. After 2003, coach wool interest rate breaks through 70 % , gain profit every year from 64 million dollar cruel add control to 500 million dollar, had exceeded group of peak of LVMH, Tiffany, all previous in last few years (Richemont Group) etc, first what luxury of tall house whole world gains profit.

Whole world of fashionable also however like low successful sweep anything away of ZARA of Spanish dress brand is same, coach is doing the luxury business of small gesture, they can touch costly fixed position in “ the height of ” (Accessible Luxury) , it is this give up “ of constant some of company of a lot of luxury is bilious ” , walk up close civilian course, they in the whole world country of 12 low cost enabled 60 acting factories, although purchase raw material is equal to LV together, but the in part that the average price of Coach product has LV only however. “Coach is the very good substitute of European other high-quality goods actually. ” Frankfurt says.
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