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Open luxury price secret to distinguish big shop sign of big shop sign and blame
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Luxury “Luxury” is exceeded what people lives to need range with development one kind for “ by the definition in the world, have distinctive, rare be short of, rare the consumable ” that waits for a characteristic, it is necessaries of life of a kind of blame. But had name tagvisiting card when you or luxury, no matter the destiny loses you to Paris of He Fang —— , Rome, Tokyo, new York, Yaohanneisibao, Bangkok, Phnom Penh,you can discover, inside you can depend on Luo Bi …… the jeans of sunglass of leather shoes watch that you are familiar with turtleneck, begin you afresh in city each block are mixed in circle fool around. Brand is the contact cipher that you find an organization. So " Sex And The City " in an actor's lines says: “ has a day that of Birkin when me, it is me of real rise head and shoulders above others momently. ”

Even if is such, after people is having luxury, examining minutely a problem stealthily it seems that, they why so expensive? By what so expensive? Now, we will reveal the price secret of these luxury for you.

Whether to make ad on TV - divisional big shop sign is not big shop sign

What is famous brand, cai Kang Yong says, I limit the way with the simplest famous brand is famous brand do not make ad on TV, the truth is very simple —— TV watchs to average person, and name tag is not worn to average person. So the mainest feature of famous brand is —— expensive.

Famous brand (Branded) with blame famous brand (Unbranded) between have an invisible battle forever. Blame famous brand (Unbranded) although the product also has a sign, its brand is not by special value, define by the price however. So, all appeal that are not famous brand come from at low-cost, for example ZARA, MNG, H&M…… and famous brand is like Cartier, Prada, Gucci, price itself is not their sale basis, but it is fixed position element however. Look at very the truth that circle, actually very simple, if be offerred with low price,be worth luxurious product likewise high, among them value can be not experienced suddenly. Ask oneself, if one day the complete skin vanity of Gucci 2000, can be you still bought? That is to say, without likely price, people can look low a product. Such result is we saw the price of luxury can be resided all the time necessarily do not fall high.

“ makes a product rare be short of beg hard, you can sell ” of price giving a day the maxim that is GUCCI. The average price of GUCCI product is 4 times what produce the price, this is not secret. In those days, the old man Domenico De Sole of GUCCI (heart - all alone is strapped) after buying YSL, closed the YSL store that has stood tall and upright over for the most part above all, he proved to common people higher-priced is mixed just can make relative to less supply profit grows. Although sale drops, but the profit of YSL one year in arrive from 5.6% growth 8% . Heart - all alone straps a proof, higher-priced set limit to supplies very effective fruit, can so you count on luxury to depreciate? Do not have door ……
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