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PROMAX performs 繹life
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The brand builds 過 Cheng 從 to attract 識 of 顧 guest 認, 認 to be spent to faithful 誠 together, the 經 營 that is 長 period is itinerary. The core 價 of PROMAX brand portfolio, knapsack is worth, include 銷 of 設 計 , travel, access.

The brand 圖 騰 of PROMAX is 為 of one 隻 極 special 動 content 圖 resembles ─ armadillo (Armadillo) , it is wonderful that brand 訴 is begged life performing 繹(Life Is An Adventure) . Its benefit with 設 計 為 advocate 導 , 專 is noted build 機 to be able to wrap 產 to taste at 製, push exhibit PROMAX brand, vivid 動 of collaboration of 業 of 銷 of travel of road of 設 計 網, fair 關, fair young, 異 and access, attract brand of 識 of 顧 guest 認 and 產 to taste.

The source of 資 of 隊 of 設 計 團 of 灣 of integrated stage of 團 of collect of 業 of its benefit labour, Japan, beautiful 國 , 針 對 rests 閒, 機 can, 時 still, 設 計 機 can the PROMAX brand 產 such as sexual portfolio, knapsack is tasted. PROMAX near future rolls out 產 of 2008MODERN SPORTS series to taste, 計 has 風 circle in the air jump 傘 , 極 is restricted the 機 such as 務 of business of 術 of deep 潛 , 馬 can wrap 產 to taste, 講 begs 時 still the 風 case such as 務 of business of 動 of 運 動 , 潛 water 運 , fashionable, increase in 雜 誌 exposure with peculiar 風 case famous sympathize of the 認 that spend 與, model 設 計 , 時 still, cease 閒, 機 can sexual merchandise figure.

PROMAX builds demand, 滿 with 創 sufficient each 種 獨 is special demand concept, 運 grinds with the 專 業 of 隊 of 設 計 團 發 ability 術, already 創 builds 與 of benefit of 6 big 專 術 of 2 great skill, 擁 of the world that become 為 has 與 of most 專 benefit multivariate the 機 of 閒 of 時 Shang Xiu of design can include a brand. 機 of 閒 of PROMAX 時 Shang Xiu can be wrapped one 場 large 機 can wrap 舉 辦 創 meaning big 賞, with " 創 meaning 機 can be wrapped " 機 of 業 of the angle of the 為 題 , 際 that cross 國 , 專 can wrap brand 為 platform, arena of 際 of the 國 on station of meaning of 創 of 讓 stage 灣 , the 尋 in the 創 meaning of the most unripe activation looks for 從 師 of meaning of 創 of new generation life, also the 認 of 認 識 與 of the person that 運 increases disappear 費 with 競 賽 vivid 動 is the same as.

Its benefit already built 100 貨 in each district,
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