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How should handle our extravagant parcel?
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What is just luxury? It is start of your go ahead regardless will feel, can wear constrainedly the thing of part of side side part. A mountainous area to poverty for the child in, luxury is one does not want too the classroom of leakage rain; For medium to Russia plute, luxury is aerospace weightlessness swims 8 days; And to the busy common white-collars in the city, on fashionable magazine wantonly watch of business suit of advertising LV vanity, Ar-mani, OMEGA, Ying Lun swims 7 days just is right oneself luxury is comforted. Luxury is not requisite, we buy them is to obtain what what other necessities cannot bring to experience, or it is very practical, it lets or you very benefit from. Anyhow extravagant, we should use it finally, how to use? With what manner to go using?

How should handle our extravagant parcel?


The person of this kind of type, support the attitude that does not care to extravagant bag, more reveal those who give oneself is different. A kind of person is to do not have a heart to do not have lung really, take GUCCI should use like snakeskin bag; Because another kind of person criterion is too rich, LV is a durable wrap up only to them, of the botch that wants make the best use of every thing of course.

GUCCI is thrown in driveway edge

Want to say KK is rich, also not be to have very much actually, the family attributes preliminary and rich level nevertheless; Say KK does not have money, miniCooper is leaving to run everywhere in Guangzhou, male friendly father buys KK to send her to leave this, this family likes extremely KK, do look upon of prospective son's wife already.

Pull open the door of MiniCooper, see the GUCCI that is put in front seat is wrapped, style is classical, size moderate, but tell the truth, I never had seen so dirty GUCCI is wrapped, bottom canvas has become and bag body color is different, and the canvas that includes a body also shines no longer beautiful, OK even quickly see a former bead pen imprints, 3 GUCCIlogo that get on canvas bag personally are perforative rise, differ my observation ends, KK includes the package conveniently to be thrown toward backlash, the car on accost.

When KK says this bag is to be in England, buy, still be in at that time she what study abroad, for this GUCCI, took the convenient side of a many month: “ reachs the degree that goes buying GUCCI to wrap without luxury before me, but see inside GUCCI inn this design does not control impulse, I am the person of a shopping impulse, brush card to take a bag to go immediately person. ” had GUCCI, KK is excited only a paragraph of small time, the GUCCI young woman that advertisement looks at to go up before is taking GUCCI, expression is so contented and arrogant, oneself are being taken taking without what extraordinary however sense, subsequently individual individual character overrides on GUCCI price ——KK begins “ botch ”GUCCI.
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